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WW100 Islay Update

The weekend of 11 and 12 November saw the first tranche of trees being planted for the WW100 Commemorative Woodland. Almost 1,400 trees were planted this weekend by around 100 volunteers. The planting took place opposite the War Memorial near Bruichladdich, at the Coultorsay Road End. The wood will be a fitting tribute to all the men and women who left our communities from 1914 and also the American servicemen and crew from the SS Tuscania and HMS Otranto who were buried on Islay almost 100 years ago. This project is supported by the Woodlands Trust Scotland, Bruichladdich Distillery, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Islay Energy Community Benefit Fund.

WW100 Trail

Over 30 locations have been selected for inclusion in the WW100 Trail across Islay and Jura. On the trail will be locations and buildings which played a role or are connected with WW1 across the two islands. These will be marked by bronze plaques the design of which is progressing with the key aims of simplicity, durability and elegance emphasising our intention of ‘Remembrance and Reconciliation’. The Trail will also be supported by a guide book and website which will include work by each of the schools.

Ardnahoe is Starting to Look like a Distillery

A fabulous day today on Islay. Apart from a few nasty showers with hail, snow and rain it was a great day to go out, take some photos, and enjoy the wintry conditions which were mostly visible on the hills as overnight snowfall. We're in the middle of a rather cold spell with daytime temps around 3 Degr and around freezing point at night.

Wintry Conditions Ardnahoe Distillery

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Puddles and Potholes on Islay Roads

These are dangerous times on Islay for your car, motorbike or even bicycle. The condition of most of Islay's roads is not great and some single track roads are almost too bad to drive on. The roads from Loch Gruinart to Ardnave and Killinallan have degraded to a state that the word road is no longer applicable. The last few hundred metres to the Gruinart RSPB reserve from Bridgend is very bad as well. And only a few days ago when I was heading for Kilchoman Beach I noticed that this road is now in a terrible state as well. I've seen hardly any signs of structural maintenance on the roads this year, apart from the low road, other than filling potholes. And with the council budget under severe pressure it will get even worse!

In a letter in the Ileach the community council wrote: “Islay’s roads and passing places are deteriorating at an alarming rate, and comes as a result of having so many lorries and commercial vehicles travelling on the island,” explained Community Council Chairman, Islay McEachern. And yet, rather than spending the funds necessary to bring them back to an functioning standard, the roads’ budget is now half of what it was three years ago“. Argyll and Bute Council has shared figures with the community council which show that from 2014-15 until this year, their spending on our roads has been reduced by 50% - from £988,498 to £494,904 - due to budget cuts”. Continue reading....

Kilchoman Distillery Youtube Videos

It's been a while since I posted a video here, in fact, it's been a while since I've posted anything at all. What seemed to be quiet island life before we moved here, turned out to become a very busy life with both web design and photography keeping me very occupied. Time to make up for that today as Kilchoman Distillery have recently started a Youtube channel and posted a few very nice videos with shots of the distillery and the surrounding area including Kilchoman beach, the barley field and harvest and a lot more. 

The first video is about the distillery: "From the birth of Kilchoman our 100% Islay philosophy was our reason for being; it represents the revival of farm distilled single malt produced at a single location from barley to bottle, where the responsibility for quality and consistency at each stage is not outsourced but completed on site with skill, care and attention to detail.  We are proud to be the only distillery crafting single malt from barley both grown and malted on Islay, not to mention distilling, maturing and bottling here at Kilchoman as well." 


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