Visitor Centre in Port Charlotte likely to Remain Open

When an article in the Ileach was published about the closure of the Islay Natural History Trust Visitor Centre in Port Charlotte things seemed very definitive. Chairs and other interior items were to be sold and there didn't seem to be a solution to keep the centre open. When I published an article on the blog this morning and posted it to Facebook people were naturally very sad to hear about the upcoming closure. There was however one person who claimed that the centre would remain open. Would there be hope after all?

When I checked with Malcolm Ogilvie he said: "The Islay Natural History Trust learnt just last week that Bruichladdich Distillery will be providing some financial support to the Trust to enable us to stay in the Centre for the next two years. More info will follow soon in next weeks Ileach"

Carl Reavey, chairman of the INHT management committee later added the following information via Twitter: "Please make clear this is subject to SYHA approval, agreement has not been reached with SYHA yet. They have been very good to INHT. We need to ask them first so must not be premature."

We can only hope that the talks with SYHA will be successful and that one of the most important indoor tourist attractions on the island will once more open its doors this spring.

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