A Labour of Love by Bruichladdich

The folk at Bruichladdich distillery have a passion for place; a sense of belonging. In one of their latest blog posts they wrote: "Our whisky speaks of the land, this Hebridean island home, jutting into the jaws of the weather-beaten North Atlantic; and of the people, our people, that give it life." This passion for place, or terroir as they call it, is coming back everywhere: in the way they produce their whisky, how they use barley grown on Islay, how all their whiskies mature and are bottled on the island and how everything can be traced back to a field or a warehouse on Islay.

Earlier this year they invited New Yorker Luca Venezia to Islay. Luca was interested in making a film about the connection between his own personal terroir of New York City and the Islay terroir Bruichladdich calls home. In April, they invited him to bring his photographer and film-maker friend Philippe Grenade to the island and the result is a fantastic 22 minute documentary of Islay, the distillery and its people. Enjoy!

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