Picture of Northern Lights over Islay

The Aurora Borealis is giving a fantastic show over much of Scotland and the northern half of the UK. Twitter is full of stunning pictures and reports. The Aurora was also visible on Islay tonight. Julie Stitchell was kind enough to take a picture of the Northern Lights as seen from Caol Ila. Thanks very much Julie, as far is I know this could well be the first picture of the Northern Lights on Islay.

Aurora Borealis from Caol Ila courtesy of Julie Stitchell

James Deane was out tonight as well and took Aurora pictures from Bridgend. Below is a beautiful view of the stunning colours over Islay last night.

Image courtesy of James Deane

More Northern Lights images from Islay on Facebook:

And here is a stunning image posted on Twitter last night where you can see the Aurora from County Donegal in Northern Ireland looking north over Islay.

Image by Rita Wilson

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