Islay Ferry MV Finlaggan Latest Pictures

John Salton of CMassets already told me after his trip to Poland that the new images wouldn't reveal many new details. The one new thing really is that we now have a view of the stern, something that was requested by some of the readers. The other pictures show a small part of the front of the vessel and there are two interior pictures of the lounge and cafetaria. Like John said, the pictures don't reveal much and you can also see that the ship still needs a lot of work before she can have her first sea trials. What the images do reveal is that the lounge will probably have some beautiful views towards the front or rear of the vessel. Let's hope the next series of images will show some more details of the interior but it will probably take at least two or three more months. To be continued...

The stern of the new Islay Ferry "MV Finlaggan"

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The outside of the lounge

The Cafeteria - It's mainly spaghetti at the moment

The Lounge with a possible promising view

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