New Friends Scheme at Mactaggart Leisure Centre

The Mactaggart Leisure Centre are promoting the “Friends Scheme” to increase support & sustainability for this vital community facility. The scheme is open to residents of Islay & Jura and the diaspora scattered around the globe! A remarkable achievement: Since opening the doors to the Mactaggart Leisure Centre in 1991 over £1.5m has been raised from grants, trusts and foundations to fund a programme of activities from which all sectors of the community have derived benefit. Did you know that the weekly fuel oil bill is £457?

Benefits for older people: Free weekly transport and concessionary prices to 50+ session which includes swim, gym, sauna & lunch club! Yoga, IT instruction, financial advocacy, reading and an introduction to other organisations. Additionally, we offer Aquacare warm water therapy for chronic health conditions, signposting and self help groups, carer respite, social contact and emotional support.

If you are local, can you imagine Islay without the Mactaggart Leisure Centre? It’s unthinkable. Virtually everyone has a relative or friend who relies on or uses the centre’s services and activities. If you live on the mainland or other far flung parts of the globe, I am sure there are leisure centres providing similar activities from which you, a relative or friend derive benefit to which you can relate.

If you would like to help the young ‘ain folk’ of Islay & Jura why not join our charity as a ‘Friend’ and support an excellent cause in a land of your family roots or if you live on Islay/Jura and want to be a local ‘Friend’ it’s easy; just e mail with a request & we will forward you the relevant form. You will also have the chance to win a limited edition bottle of Islay single malt, a free gift and a quarterly newsletter!

This story was published with kind permission of the Ileach Newspaper


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