An Tigh Seinnse Pub in Portnahaven

Alastair Turnbull is the author of The Drinking Man's Guide to Scotland, a website dedicated to Pubs, Beers, Whiskies, Cider's, Wine's etc. You can find quite a lot of pub reviews from all over Scotland, a list of Scottish breweries and of course information about the many whisky distilleries in Scotland.

Alastair and his wife recently visited Islay to enjoy the scenery and to visit some of the distilleries where he made a few videos which are available on his Youtube channel. He also ended up in the local pub in Portnahaven which Alastair describes as: "An Tigh Seinnse is a great wee pub and restaurant in Portnahaven, which is located on the south west of Islay. We went for a walk and had a drink in this pub and enjoyed it so much we came back another day and had a meal here, my wife had the crab claws and loved them. well worth the trip!"

From someone who's keen on visiting pubs and does many reviews this is a great thumbs up for An Tigh Seinnse. Below is the video he made from his visit at Portnahaven's local pub. Enjoy!

direct link to video on youtube

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