A Chance to Meet an Author on Islay

As a former teacher on the Isle of Colonsay, Mavis Gulliver has a particular interest in children's literature. In 2016, her third book, 'The Snake Wand' was published by Cinnamon Press. Following 'Cry at Midnight' and 'Clickfinger' this continues the adventures of Merryn and Hamish MacQueen in their fight against Malevolent Witchery. Joining forces with the Benevolent Wizards their adventures take them to real locations on Scottish Islands where they engage with magical creatures from Scottish Folklore.

The books are available from The Celtic House, Bowmore, Islay. Alternatively, if she is at home on Islay, you can, by prior arrangement, purchase a set of three directly from her. If you do this, she will be happy to show you the objects that inspired her stories. It may even be possible for unaccompanied children to engage in a writing/illustrating workshop. The books are aimed primarily at 8 to12 year olds but they have been enjoyed by older children - and by adults. And although Mavis has not published any books for younger children she offers storytelling/illustrating sessions with 5-8 year olds. Contact mavisgulliver@googlemail.com for further details and see www.mavisgulliver.co.uk for each of the three books.

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Your Vote Needed for a Calmac Ferry Lego Model

If you would like to see your child or grandchild play with a Lego model of a Calmac Ferry then please read on and support young Luke Ball from Kilmarnock. Luke is 15 years old and he has a dream. He wants to see a Lego model of Calmac Ferry Loch Shira, which he designed himself, going into production. But, for that he need to get a lot of votes for his proposal on the Lego website. Currently he has a little over 3,000 votes and he needs at least 10,000 votes and he has only 39 days left to achieve this.

Luke’s ferry design was inspired by happy family journeys on the Firth of Clyde and took him many hours to put together. Without a groundswell of support, though, his design won’t make it onto the desks of the Lego executives. But supporters can help at https://ideas.lego.com/projects/99373 “I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I can reach the 10,000 votes,” said Luke. “We are in Scotland on holiday just now and my mum and dad have made lots of little postcard flyers with details of how to support this. CalMac has organised for us to put these onto some of the boats and into some of the ports, so we hope enough people will see them and vote. continue reading....

New Machrie Hotel Islay to Welcome First Guests in 2018

The contract for the development of the Machrie Golf Links Hotel on Islay has been awarded to CorraMore Construction Ltd, which is based in Draperstown, Northern Ireland after a competitive tender process. The company has established a reputation for excellence in the construction industry throughout the UK and is currently involved with several prestigious projects throughout Scotland.

Machrie Golf Links and Hotel Director, Sue Nye said; “We are excited to announce that CorraMore has now started work on the new Machrie hotel and lodges. The iconic location on Laggan Bay deserves a great hotel and a remodelled championship links course and we look forward to welcoming our first guests in 2018.” CorraMore Director, Adrian McIvor, said; “It is an honour and a privilege for CorraMore to have been selected to be part of such an exciting development on Islay. We look forward to working with the design team to deliver a project of which we can all be proud”. continue reading....

Calmac Ferry Problems and Islay Winter Timetables

It is grey, wet and windy today and some folk on Islay say that winter starts after the Islay Show which was held last week on Thursday. It must be said though that we had a few stunning Summer days this week as well so hopefully they prove to be wrong! Anyway, Calmac picked a good day to to publish their winter timetables for the entire network and the Islay Service, more about that further down.

Some of you have emailed us and asked about the ferry services and the problems the island experienced in summer when the Hebridean Isles had to go to dry dock after it hit the pier in Kennacraig. For now the Islay service is running according to schedule with two ferries present. It was however a big shock to hear what people, locals and tourists alike, had experienced during this disastrous period and some even cancelled their trip to Islay altogether. Although some folk were very pleased with the way the Calmac staff in the local ports dealt with help requests from travellers, the general feeling however is that a collapse of the Islay ferry service is totally unacceptable and should never ever happen again. The responsible authorities have a lot of homework to do!! continue reading...